Claude Caron


Photo by Marc Bailey, Photographie Marc Bailey

Claude Caron  is a Canadian composer and piano performer.

He has released several albums and singles over the past few years, most of them on piano, but some with orchestration.

Claude had already, in his childhood, a strong interest in the creation of his own musical pieces on the piano.

He always explored, for the fun of it, melodic overlays as well as successions of chords meant to surprise.

One could classify his musical pieces in a "Neoclassical Soft Pop" category. But, from time to time, we may find some classic nuances, which makes his musical creations original every time.

With a clear predilection for romantic, melancholy and wonder flavors, his objective each time is to create an explicit melody, a "musical portrait" to generate a precise emotional image for the listener.

With this website, you now discover his main musical creations. So, it's up to you to explore and navigate with confidence in the beautiful emotional meanders of his music!...